Friday Five 4/24: Blogs To Love

Hello! Forgive the sparseness of our post this Friday. We are currently in the car in the middle of Michigan on vacation so we’re posting from our phones.

As usual, we’re linking up with You signed Up For What; Eat, Pray Run DC, and Mar On The Run for Friday Five! This week’s theme is Blogs To Love. It’s going to be pretty hard to narrow it down to five as we read quite a few pretty awesome blogs on a regular basis.

1.  Pavement Runner: We live vicariously through reading the recaps of all of the awesome races he runs!  Someday we will make it out to the West Coast!

2. Sharp Endurance: Here you’ll find some more awesome race recaps! We love how positive Linzie is! He just ran Boston for the second time as a charity Runner and raised over $5,000 for BIDMC. Incredible!

3. Hungry Runner Girl: I love keeping up with Janae and her totally adorable daughter Brooke! She always has great tips for runners! Janae also just ran an incredible Boston Marathon!

4. Life In Leggings: Heather lives in our home state of Michigan, so it’s fun to read about her exploring areas that are familiar to us! She’s a trainer and posts awesome workouts that you can easily do at home!

5. Fitful Focus: I met Nicole at a blogger brunch that I attended while we were in Washington, D.C. for the Nike Women’s Half Marathon. You can find  great workouts and recipes on her blog!

We hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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