It’s Friday! That means we’re linking up with You Signed Up For What, Mar On The Run and Eat Pray Run DC again for the Friday Five! This week’s topic is Five Things About Race Day! Race day is an exciting, nerve filled and sometimes emotional day that we work towards for months and is gone in a matter of hours. However during those hours we experience some awesome moments.

Corral A.jpg1. The Start – It doesn’t matter if this is a large event or small, standing in the starting corral, listening and singing along to the National Anthem and anxiously awaiting the starting gun never get old. It’s a chance to strike up a conversation with other runners, or if gunning for a PR, a moment to focus on your upcoming race.

2. The Runners – One reason, of many, I chose to participate in the this year’s upcoming Chicago Marathon is because it’s the second largest marathon in the U.S.. I have run smaller events mostly and have learned that I love watching and encouraging other runners.

3. The Volunteers – Often these wonderful people get overlooked. As current race directors ourselves, we know how important volunteers are to an event. I know we do our best to show our appreciation to volunteers at our races and we encourage all runners to show appreciation and respect to the hundreds of people donating their time to provide us with food or drink during our race…and picking up after we miss the trash can!Tiffany & Co.

4. The Bling – This one is really a no-brainer. Runners love their medals. It’s not ego, cockiness, bragging or self-admiration. The bling represents our hard work, which is why we appreciate the best bling.

5. The Post Race Party – After a hard 13.1 or grueling 26.2, we love the food, libations, music and massages that many races offer. You’ve worked hard to get to this point – so relax, recover, enjoy the bling and the beer…you’ve earned it!

8 thoughts on “Friday Five 5/1: Five Things About Race Day!

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  1. you’ll love chicago! It’s my favorite race by far! 🙂

    and that tiffanys bling is gorgeous! I’m running the womens 15K in toronto in june and hope the bling is as nice as that! 🙂


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