Our Spring Playlist

It’s no secret that listening to music can boost your performance during a run or workout. I know that I’m much more likely to have a great run when I’ve got some upbeat music pumping into my headphones! While it’s my favorite means of distraction, music isn’t the only thing to listen to while running.

The Playlist: This is my main source of music while I run. I love adding new music to my running playlist. I always have a running list of new songs to add to my iTunes library. I usually throw in some older stuff just to mix it up a bit too.  Here’s a few of the songs currently in rotation. You’ll find that we both have very wide ranging music tastes!

Spring 15 Playlist

Rock My Run: A cool spin off to a  standard playlist. This is a service that I use when my playlist is a little stale. Rock My Run is an app that provides high energy, DJ created playlists that can help you achieve your running goals. Playlists can be streamed through the app for free or you can purchase a monthly subscription and download the playlists directly to your device. You can search by genre or BPM or even by race length or time goal.  Rock My Run also offers something called “My Beat” where you control the speed of the music. It can be altered manually or by using the accelerometer in your phone. The music will match your pace and keep you pushing hard.rockmyrun

-Podcasts: This is a new discovery for me. I’d listened to a few here and there but didn’t think they were something that would interest me for running purposes. I kept seeing people rave about the podcast Serial, about a murder case from 1999 and decided to give it a shot on my ten mile run the other day. I was pleasantly surprised with how easily I got caught up in the story and it definitely helped me get through some tough, cold miles.image

What’s your favorite song on your current playlist?

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