Lady Pirate Scuttle 5K

Happy Monday!

On Saturday, I ran my first post-baby race at a local 5k! This race was to benefit a local fire departments Women’s Auxiliary and had a pirate theme. The field for this race was pretty small. I would even say there may have been more walkers than runners but we both love running local events and supporting our community – so field size doesn’t matter to us.

I wasn’t pre-registered so we arrived a little earlier than we normally would so that there was enough time to get signed up. The weather was perfect and there was a playground nearby for our oldest so waiting around wasn’t too bad.

At about five minutes to nine we were directed to the start line which was on a road running parallel to the St. Lawrence Seaway. We would run down the road and loop on to a walking trail that ran along the St. Lawrence and up to the finish.

The course was flat and there were two water stations set up along the way.

As I was coming up towards the finish I saw my son running towards me. He loves when he gets the opportunity to finish races with us and had been patiently waiting with his dad for me to get closer! I love that he takes an interest in running even though he’s only 3. He will be participating in his third race next Saturday morning in Buffalo during the kids mini-marathon!

Jen finishing with Parker

The course ended up measuring 3.4 miles but it was good for me to see where I am at for this distance! I’m looking forward to trying to gain some speed back in my legs once Buffalo is done!
imageDid you race this weekend?

Be sure to check back next week as the other half and I recap the Buffalo Marathon Weekend including the 5K, Race Expo, Kid’s Mini-Marathon, and Half-Marathon!

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