Packing For A Racecation

We leave tomorrow for the Buffalo Marathon weekend so I’ve been working on getting all of my gear ready (packing is by far one of my least favorite things to do!). Buffalo is about a five hour trip for us so it’s important that I have everything with me for both races of the weekend. The majority of the races we run are not local to us. The closest race beyond a 5k has been an hour and a half drive, so I’ve gotten a system down for making sure nothing gets left behind. Here is the process I follow —

1. Make a List: When it comes to traveling I am huge on making lists. For race trips I make a separate list of all of the things I will need come race day. I start from my head and work down from there listing each thing that I wear. By making my list this way I can just go through and grab each item on my list and packing doesn’t take a long time. Usually I’ll write down what shirt I’m planning on wearing as well. Everything gets laid out and then double and triple checked before getting packed. 

2. Plan for the Weather: I start watching the weather about a week out from departure. Even if the weather looks like it is going to be nice I still bring clothes for cooler temperatures or rain because the weather can change pretty quickly and I don’t want to have to scramble trying to find something other than what I brought to wear for the race. Consider packing some throwaway clothes for if the start of the race is going to be chilly. Often times these clothes get picked up and donated by the race!

3. Don’t Forget Fuel: Some of the places we’ve gone for races are really small towns, so I can’t rely on the places having a store that will carry the specific fuel I use (Nuun and Shot Bloks). I plan ahead to have my fuel on hand and throw it in with the rest of my gear.
If we are driving to a race we usually each have a bag with our running gear separate from our everyday clothes. If we’re flying and space is a little more limited everything goes together, but were sure to at least keep our shoes in a carry-on bag. If an airline loses your bag it’s a relatively safe bet that you can find some clothes to wear, but shoes are a different story.

Do you pack using a list?

What’s the furthest you’ve traveled for a race?

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