Friday Five 5/22: Five Favorite Summer Fruits & Veggies

Yay…it’s Friday and a race weekend for us! While we’re away we’re linking up with You Signed Up For What, Mar On The Run and Eat Pray Run DC again for the Friday Five! This week’s topic is five of our favorite summer fruits and vegetables.

1. Watermelon: I have loved watermelon since I was a toddler. Sliced, diced or mixed with other fruits – it doesn’t matter around here! An awesome way to enjoy watermelon in the summer is to cube it, freeze for a few hours and add to a glass of lemonade, or my personal favorite, a glass of watermelon wine!

2. Zucchini: A staple around our house, we probably eat zucchini three or four times a week. Sauteed and oven roasted are always options, but I love grilling in the summer. A packet made from aluminum foil, black pepper, garlic salt and light Italian dressing are all you need!

3. Pineapple: Although we eat pineapple regularly and use it in cooking, such as my famous stir fry, our number one way to enjoy this fruit is grilled for dessert! A nice thick slice, warmed over the grill, sprinkled with a cinnamon and sugar mixture and topped with a small scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. Enjoy! You can thank me later!

4. Corn on the Cob: A classic summer vegetable and a staple at millions of BBQ’s and cookouts, corn on the cob symbolizes summertime. Make a bowl out of aluminum foil, cut an ear into halves or thirds, depending on their size. Next, take half a piece of uncooked bacon and wrap a section of corn, repeating till each piece of corn is wrapped. Each corn should have its own little aluminum “bowl”. Finally, add your favorite beer, although lighter beers work better, to the bowls. Place each bowl on your grill rack and cook alongside your meat. When done, taste without adding anything to the corn. The beer acts as butter and the bacon as your salt. It’s easy and delicious.

5. Broccoli: Our oldest child calls them “little trees”, but that doesn’t matter because he loves them. We used to cook broccoli a variety of ways but we prefer one simple way now. Cut up your broccoli and place in a mixing bowl to which you drizzle your favorite cooking oil over top- just don’t go crazy. Then add Wildtree Shrimp Scampi seasoning to the bowl and toss. Pour onto a baking sheet and broil on low for about 8-10 minutes. The flavor is wonderful and the crunch from broiling is satisfying on the palette.

I hope you enjoyed today’s Friday Five and I encourage you to try one of our recommendations. If you would like more detailed recipes, please leave a comment below.

What’s you favorite way to enjoy one of these fruits and vegetables?

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