#runLOVED With Motigo

It’s amazing how a perfectly timed sign along a race course or a text from a loved one can give you a boost to power through the final tough miles of a race. Now there is an app designed to deliver those emotional boosts directly to your ears.


The idea for Motigo was born while the creator, Dan, was finishing the Rock’N’Roll Arizona Marathon and was in the final miles where your mind can begin to play games with itself and doubt can sometimes set in. While support from the spectators along the course is fantastic, how awesome would it be to hear a familiar voice telling you that you’ve got this?

Motigo is an app designed to allow your biggest supporters to cheer you on throughout an entire race. Getting started is easy!

  1. Download the Motigo App (currently available for iOS).
  2. Find your event. Don’t see it listed? Shoot the folks at Motigo a message and they’ll have it added for you within 24-hours!
  3. Share your event with family and friends so they can record their cheers.
  4. On race day, run the Motigo App and set up your playlist (make sure GPS is enabled!). Tap start and your cheers will automatically be delivered throughout your race

Simple, right? Once you’re signed up a complementary cheer will be added to your account and each additional cheer is $1.99 or a 5 cheer bundle for $7.99 


Try Motigo for National Running Day!

National Running Day (June 3) is a celebration of all things running. It’s a celebration of anything that motivates us to lace up and step out of the door, and a celebration of all of our accomplishments. To highlight that spirit Nuun and C Tolle Run have collaborated with Motigo for a National Running Day event. Virtual running groups have been created and during these runs both companies will be interacting with their fans and supporters- thanking them and encouraging them. Each participant that signs up for these virtual events will also receive a complementary one-week subscription to Motigo so that more encouragement can be spread through the runners! The virtual run groups will be available June 3-7 and more information can be fund by visiting www.nuun.getmotigo.com

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