The Stampede 10K / 5K

Happy National Running Day!

“National Running Day is a celebration of sport, a celebration of achievement and a celebration of all the things that motivate us to get out the door for those precious miles.”

Don’t forget to check out the Motigo App for a virtual run with Nuun. Random prizes are being given away all day today! For more information, check out our post from last week.

This past weekend the 2halfs joined two friends to participate in a local race – The Stampede 10K / 5K.

The Stampede is a fundraiser to help support the Frederic Remington Art Museum held in the City of Ogdensburg, New York along the Maple City Trail.

We invited two friends to join us, something we encouraged everyone to do in a recent post. The weather was warm and the air at 100% humidity. Not the best conditions for running, I admit.

The field for the races were small, but all the participants were there to support the museum. Despite the smaller field, participation was diverse in age, ranging from my son (3) to those in their 60’s.

The museum did a wonderful job with the event and handled the heat well, despite a horrible person who stole a chest-cooler full of water for racers! After race beverages were provided by a local business.

Handmade awards were given to the top three finishers in both races. I was happy with my race in the heat and finished in 2nd place in the 5K, missing a personal best by 3 seconds! The other half walked this race with the kids (I was on kid duty two weeks prior at the Lady Pirate Scuttle). Our son ran across the finish line, but our daughter couldn’t even stay awake!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thanks to our friends for joining us last weekend!

Did you invite anyone to an event recently?

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