Friday Five 6/12: Favorite Summer Activities

It’s almost the weekend everyone, and to help get you to five o’clock, we’re going to be linking up with You Signed Up For What, Mar On The Run and Eat Pray Run DC again for the Friday Five! Today we will be sharing our five favorite summertime activities. Grab your morning coffee, sit back and enjoy!

1. Campfires: Nothing is more relaxing than a night with family by a fire. We love the crackling of wood, the roasting of marshmallows and the warm summer breeze. It’s a wonderful opportunity to “unplug”, spend more time with our children and appreciate everything we have in life!

2. Boating / Fishing: While we may not agree on what is the most fun activity to do while on a boat, we both agree a boat is needed! A sunny day on the water is a great way to relax.
wpid-img_1020.jpg3. Simple Summer Excursions: Hiking a trail to a hidden waterfall, taking the kids to playgrounds on the shore of Lake Superior or discovering new farmers markets and community festivals – all are possible and all cost little to nothing to experience.

4. Golfing: Although this has been one sided the last two seasons, we both enjoy the opportunity to hit the course…and hopefully the golf ball. Two children has put a damper on our outing opportunities but hopefully we find more time to enjoy this together real soon.
wpid-imag0618.jpg5. Summer BBQ’s: When we refer to a BBQ, we mean a get together, gathering, fun-in-the-sun party type of BBQ. We grill bratwurst early in the morning, set up the water slide and bounce house and have firewood, ladder-ball and corn hole all ready to go. Some friends and family and we have the makings of a great day!

What’s your favorite summertime activity? What is a must have at your BBQ?

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