Training Recap – Week One

Well the truth is I got off to a late start to this training plan.  I’m not casting blame, especially since my plan was free through my Chicago Marathon charity, but I received my plan five days after it began. Luckily, I was still running on my own and although my own runs did not match the plan, the mileage ended up being close to what I needed.

  • Monday – Rest Day
  • Tuesday – 7.28 mi @ 7:42 pace
  • Wednesday – 4.16 mi. @ 6:58 pace
  • Thursday – Rest Day
  • Friday – 6 mi. (2 mi. warm up, 3 mi. marathon pace, 1 mi. cool down)
  • Saturday – 8 mi. @ 7:35 pace
  • Sunday – 4 mi. recovery run

Weekly Total = 29.45 miles

Looking ahead I jump up to approximately 39 miles next week – including a 10 miler set for next Saturday.

What was my biggest challenge this week? 

Besides the late start, having to force myself to slow down was huge. I’m not used to slowing down, plain and simple. I’m use to training around the pace I want to achieve during my race. I’m finally heeding professional advice and doing “easy” and “recovery” runs. My hope is even though my training plan is intensive, I will be able to adjust and withstand what I’m asking of my body without suffering an injury.

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