Friday Five 6/26: What we were doing 10 years ago!

It’s almost the weekend everyone, and to help get you to five o’clock, we’re going to be linking up with You Signed Up For What, Mar On The Run and Eat Pray Run DC again for the Friday Five! Today we will be sharing five things we were doing 10 years ago!

1. Living in Alaska: I spent the summer of 2005 working for the McKinley Chalet Resort in Denali National Park. It was the best summer of my life and I was able to experience so many new things.alaska collage 2. Dating other people: We were not married and had not started dating yet. We were both in dead end relationships…we just didn’t know it yet.

3. We met: In 2005 we first met. We both were trying to work our way through college and we met while working for Kohl’s Department Store in Marquette, Michigan. Jen was a Cashier and I worked as a Sales Associate in the Men’s Department.

4. Going to college: We were both in college studying at Northern Michigan University in 2005, although Jen would be forced to transfer the following school year when NMU cut her program because of declining enrollment.nmu 5. Figuring out life: Like any typical college-aged individual this usually involved drinking to much. “We-drinky-on-Monday, Tipsy Tuesdays, Wine Wednesday’s and Thirsty Thursday’s were all very real events, albeit not ones we’re the most proud of. But we obviously did alright back then because we have a pretty good life now!

Is there anyone brave enough to tell us what you were doing 10 years ago?

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