The Madrid Country Road Ramble 5K/10K

Yesterday, I decided to ditch my planned long run of 9 miles and instead decided to participate in a local race – The Madrid Country Road Ramble 5K / 10K. The event was held about 10 minutes from home, and is held in conjunction with the Madrid Bluegrass Festival. The race benefited the local fire department coffers.

This was my first time participating at the Road Ramble (formerly known as the Madrid Bluegrass Ramble), even though we have lived here for years. The race started and finished on the banks of the Grasse River, and as the name implies, winded its way through country roads throughout. I decided to run the 10K in an effort to break my previous PR of 44:30 (7:09 min./mi.) set last year.

Based on no exact science (bib numbers), I estimated about 150 people total participating in the event – with roughly 40 running the 10k. I drive most of these roads daily, and never knew they had that many hills. I wasn’t running up a sheer wall or anything, but many undulating hills were present, especially the climb up at miles 2 & 4 on the map below.

Madrid 10k

I finished the race 3rd behind two collegiate runners who finished well ahead of me, however I did win my age group finishing in 41:13 – a new PR by 3:17! As is our family tradition at local races, our son crossed the finished line with me. I love getting to spend those precious moments with a smile on his face. When it was time to receive my medal for placing, it went directly to my son!

It was a great local race with good turnout, volunteers and sponsors.

Did you race this weekend? How did you do?

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