Training Recap – Week Three

So, I modified my plan this week. Only one day. I decided to do a local race on Saturday rather than my long run. I thought it was actually a good trade-off, I only lost 3 miles, but I ran the 6 miles much faster than I would have on my training run. Overall, the week went well. I bumped up the speed of my recovery runs and my first two-a-day went great. I’m suffering a mild shin splint in one leg, which I think is primarily caused by the large and quick increase in mileage. Even though I have been running consistently all year, my last two months only totaled 106 miles, June is up to 108.5 with two days still to go! Here is what my week looked like:

  • Monday – 6 mi @ 7:48 pace
  • Tuesday – 10.57 mi (Morning = 2 mi. warm up, 5x800m sprints, 2 mi. cool down / Evening = 4 mi. @ 7:04 average pace)
  • Wednesday – 6 mi. @ 7:51 pace
  • Thursday – 7 mi. @ 7:48 pace
  • Friday – Rest Day
  • Saturday – 6.20 mi. Madrid Country Road Ramble Race @ 6:39 pace
  • Sunday – 4 mi. recovery run @ ?:?? pace

Weekly Total = 39.77 miles

Looking ahead my mileage increases to approximately 43 miles next week – with my long run jumping to 13 miles next Saturday. My mileage increase is due in part by increases in distances in recovery and easy runs.

What was my biggest challenge this week? 

Work…again! I traveled this week and had to find time to run on days I traveled and also had to find an area to run – with sidewalks – in a town I was not familiar with. I traveled home on Saturday morning beginning around 1 a.m. to get home in time to run the Madrid Country Road Ramble 10k. Seven and half hours of driving, changing into race clothes and hitting the starting line is not advisable!

What is your fall race?

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