Training Recap – Week Four

I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend and did so safely. If you were like me, you worked all weekend. It was still a great week for running and for the most part the weather cooperated. I am now finished with a month of training for the 2015 Chicago Marathon. Here is what my week looked like:

  • Monday – 7 mi @ 8:09 pace
  • Tuesday – 8 mi (2 mi. warm up; 4 x 4:00 minutes hard, 3:00 min. easy; 2 mi. cool down)
  • Wednesday – 6 mi. @ 7:49 pace
  • Thursday – 8.10 mi. @ 7:55 pace
  • Friday – Rest Day
  • Saturday – 13 mi. @ 7:34 pace
  • Sunday – 5.10 mi. recovery run @ 8:28 pace

Weekly Total = 47.23 miles

Week five of my training plan should have me logging over 50 miles. I looked back and not once during training for my last two marathons did I ever run 50+ miles in a week. I have a long way to go before I top out at over 70 miles a week in the coming weeks.

What was my biggest challenge this week? 

This week was the first time I had the “I don’t feel like running” thoughts. My mind is also going through training, as silly as that sounds, as I try to condition it to daily runs and all new mileage marks. My rest day did wonders for my body and mind and when I headed out the door for my long run I was in the right mindset.

I am however beginning to feel the physical effects of training. I’m trying to remember my vitamins, stretching, foam rolling, as well as staying properly hydrated. Some days I fair better than others, but I’m glad to report no major injuries thus far.

How to you control your “mind games” during training?

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