Friday Five 7/10: Five Fitness Trends We Will NEVER Do

It’s Friday, and also my day off and to celebrate we’re going to be linking up with You Signed Up For What, Mar On The Run and Eat Pray Run DC for the Friday Five! We missed last week and we are so sorry. That outage effected about 20 customers, and we apologize. Today we will be sharing five fitness trends that we will never do! We tried to think of fitness as a whole, and chose things we thought were just crazy!

1. Electric Ab Belts: I mean come on boys and girls, really? When did actually doing a crunch or sit-up not work? This is number one because it epitomizes the problem we see in our country; People want quick solutions to problems they created. DO THE WORK.

2. Pole Fitness: Caution: the use of hard hat is required upon entering. Anything that has me hanging upside down from a pole, without being harnessed to something is not for me. Clumsiness is not a prerequisite.

pole fitness

3. Shake Weight: I do not understand the appeal of having a heavy weight in your arms vibrating. “It’s suppose to simulate extra reps in less time.” Solution: actually do more reps and spend a little more time. See number one!

shake weight

4. Wii Fit and othersIt’s a video game. They are sold next to Call of Duty and the like. They are not sold in a health store or fitness section. So lets call them what they are – entertainment.

5. Cleansing/Juicing: This is last on our list today because we have heard from M.D.’s that some of these regimens can have health benefits. They are just not for us and as such conclude our list of five fitness trends we will never do.

If you purchased or tried one of these listed, did they actually work for you? Be honest. Leave a comment and tell us.

Our Piece by Piece 5k is in two days! We ended up with almost 100 pre-registered participants and are expecting more registrations the morning of the race. Our races proceeds are going to support Team Up! with Autism Speaks. If you or someone you know is affected by autism, please consider making a donation to help support research into the causes of and treatments for people with autism.

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