Friday Five 7/24: Favorite Summer Drinks

It’s Friday and we are concluding vacation in Michigan and to wrap up our trip we’re going to be linking up with You Signed Up For What, Mar On The Run and Eat Pray Run DC for the Friday Five! This weeks topic is our favorite summer drinks! Perfect timing considering we’re just finishing up a vacation where we’ve had some delicious drinks!

1. Margaritas: No one said they had to be healthy. We have a restaurant near us that makes an amazing watermelon margarita. They actually have all sorts – grape, raspberry, pomegranate, strawberry, etc. We don’t have them often, but they sure are delicious on a hot summer day after a long run.


2. Fruit Sangria: We’re winos over here, and love lightening it up for the summer by adding some extras to our wine! We usually go with a little bit of flavored vodka plus sprite or fruit juice as well as a bunch of cut up fruit!

3. Lemonade: Not much beats ice cold lemonade on a hot day! If you know how to make amazing homemade lemonade, please leave instructions in a comment below.

4. Smoothies: A healthy, refreshing choice that’s a good option to include protein powder to help repair our muscles after those long runs.

5. Water: This is the best option to have, bar none. Our bodies are made of water, primarily, and we need to replenish what we lose. Make sure you drink enough daily to stay healthy.


We hope you enjoyed our daily posts while we were on vacation. Stay tuned to our site for more fun posts.

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