Training Recap – Week Eight

Hi everyone! It was a rough week around here. If you did not see our tweets or my Thought of the Day from last week, I encourage you to follow the link to get the whole story. Here is the recap of my week:

  • Monday (morning) – 4 mi @ 7:55 pace
  • Monday (evening) – 2.31 mi. @ 8:38 pace
  • Tuesday – 9 mi. @ 8:21 pace
  • Wednesday – 6 mi. @ 7:59 pace
  • Thursday – 8 mi. @ 8:00 pace
  • Friday – Rest Day
  • Saturday – 6 mi. @ 7:46 pace
  • Sunday – 18 mi. @ 8:01 pace

Weekly Total = 53.31 miles

What was my biggest challenge this week? 

Injuries – after eight weeks of training they finally caught up with me. I’m currently nursing a massive blister on the bottom of my foot, an allergic reaction that caused a rash, a bone bruise on my ankle which is  painful when I wear shoes, a knee injury from work and lastly, the remnants of my dog bite.

The worst part of all these, they’re all on one foot (expect the bite, same leg though)!

What to expect next week?

My mileage is suppose to increase but I’ll be taking a few days off . I’m going to heal up, soak my feet, foam roll and be prepared to go as soon as I can walk pain free. My scheduled long run drops down to 12 miles next Saturday.

Are you suffering from any injuries?


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