Friday Five 8/7: A Day In The Life

Happy Friday! As usual we’re linking up with Cynthia, Mar and Courtney for the Friday Five! This weeks topic is a day in the life. Now, I’m a stay at home mom so our days aren’t anything too exciting for the most part so I will try not to bore you! This was Wednesday of this week. Usually Parker would have at least one session with either his Teacher, Speech, or OT but today’s session was cancelled.


1. Rise and shine! We were blessed with very early risers. Peyton is usually raring to go by 5:30 but I was able to get 6:15 out of her today. First things first, coffee! Parker is still asleep so Peyton and I head to the couch. I feed her while drinking my coffee and we watch Tuesday’s episode of Pretty Little Liars (I know… Guilty pleasure!). At 7:00 were ready for breakfast. It’s yogurt for the both of us today. Parker has decided it’s a good day to sleep in and rolls out of bed around 8:00. He wants cereal and orange juice to go with his morning cartoon. He chooses Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, as usual!

2. Organizing: This past weekend we re-did Parker’s bedroom and it sparked a bit of a purging/organizing spree. Around 8:30 I decide to start going through his toy box. this continues until 9:15 when Peyton is ready for a morning nap. She fights sleep for a bit so it’s 9:40 when she’s finally asleep. I finish up with the toy box and shower while she sleeps. She’s up at 10:25 and ready to eat. Once she’s fed I finish getting ready and we play for a bit.


3. Library: 11:30 Were headed to the library to play with the new train table and swap out our books. Today’s choices include “Click, Clack, Moo” and “Two Little Trains”. I’m still working my way through “The Girl On the Train” but I’m loving it so far!

image image

4. Lunch/afternoon: we get home from the Library around 1:00 and were starving. It’s nice outside so we decide to eat lunch on the deck. Lunch consists of a hot dog for Parker, applesauce for Peyton and leftover chicken and broccoli for me. The plan was to play in the back yard after lunch but just as I’m cleaning up it starts to rain so were forced inside. Around 1:50 Peyton is ready for another nap. Parker plays in the living room while I get her to sleep.



2:05: I clean up a bit; switch laundry and run the dishwasher. Once that’s finished Parker and I play while Peyton sleeps. She’s awake at 3:00 and ready to eat. After I feed her I decide to continue with organizing and work on pulling out clothes that don’t fit from her dresser. I feel like this is a never-ending process, girl is growing like a weed!


5. Evening: this is always the most hectic time of day around here. At 4:30 Travis gets home from work and heads out for his run shortly after. At the same time Peyton has gotten fussy and seems to be ready for another nap. She goes to sleep and around 5:00 I start dinner. We’re having a turkey breast roast tonight along with corn on the cob, salads and watermelon. At 5:30 Peyton wakes up so I feed her dinner. Travis returns from his run and helps me finish up dinner and we’re eating by 6:15. After dinner it’s bath time for both kids followed by books and bedtime at 7:45.

Once the kids are asleep we clean up from dinner and finish picking up the house. I had big plans to read but end up falling asleep shortly after 9:00. Exciting, right?!

And there you have it!

We’re looking forward to this weekend! We’ve got a friend coming to visit and a food and wine festival to go to!

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  1. The evenings are our most fussy time of the day too. Once I get back from my run (If I go out in the evening) it’s home, stretch (if I’m lucky), shower, nurse the baby and get kiddos ready for bed. Sometimes I don’t eat dinner until 8:30 or 9pm (which I know is terrible).
    Everything has a season though, right?


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