Training Recap – Week Nine: Halfway Done

I have officially made it through the halfway point of my training plan for the 2015 Chicago Marathon. It has not been easy for me or my family but we are all doing well. I thought I would include some statistics today to share with everyone, but before I do that, here is the recap of my week:

  • Monday – Injury Rest
  • Tuesday – Injury Rest
  • Wednesday – 6 mi. @ 7:38 pace
  • Thursday – 10 mi. @ 7:39 pace
  • Friday – 12 mi. @ 8:05 pace
  • Saturday – Rest Day
  • Sunday – 7 mi. @ 8:18 pace

Weekly Total = 35.00 miles

What was my biggest challenge this week? 

This was my lowest weekly total since week one. I took two days off to help recover from a handful of minor injuries which had been bugging me. I originally planned to make up one of those days during my scheduled rest day but decided to enjoy my day off instead.

What to expect next week?

Well, my weekly newsletter from the Chicago Area Runners Association began with:

The pain train is leaving the station soon…are you willing to jump on it? ALL ABOARD PEOPLE!! 

These next few weeks are going to be a true test of your commitment, will and strength. It’s hot, the miles are long, you may be feeling unsure of yourself or especially tired. 

Yeah…this sounded fun 10 weeks ago. Just kidding, mostly. My mileage hits 64 this week, including a 20-miler, which is the result of shuffling long run distances over different weeks to accommodate a race without losing mileage overall.

Now it’s time for some 1st half stats:

  • Number of runs: 55
  • Distance training plan called for: 425 miles
  • Distance actually ran: 387.03 miles
  • Percentage of training miles completed: 91%
  • Number of new PR’s during last nine weeks: 4
    • 5k – 0:44 faster
    • 10k – 3:17 faster
    • Half (x2) – 7:10 faster
  • Total time spent running: 3,050 minutes (50.83 hours)
  • Total number of calories burned: 39,592
  • Calorie equivalent in Pizza Hut Medium Pepperoni Pan Pizza: 19.03 pizzas
  • Calorie Equivalent in Redd’s Apple Ale Cider: 263.95 ciders

Wish me luck during the 2nd half!

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