Soleus GPS Turbo Running Watch Review

This post is sponsored by Soleus Running. We received a Soleus GPS Turbo for review purposes and no further compensation was received. Though this is a sponsored post, all thoughts and ideas are our own.

Good morning everyone!!

Recently, we were given an amazing opportunity for our blog to try out and review the new Soleus GPS Turbo running watch. This is our first review and we wanted to make sure we did it justice. We have taken our time, with the company’s permission, to really test out the watch and all of it’s features.

Soleus is a company based in Austin, Texas and is made up of a team of passionate athletes looking to put out quality products that will enhance workouts with important features. A few of their elite athletes include Kara Goucher,  Nick Symmonds, and Alysia Montano.

DSC_0182 (2)

Here’s the description of the GPS Turbo straight from Soleus

Every Day is a New Run.

Every day is a new run with GPS Turbo. Meet your training goals with the features packed GPS Turbo – 8 hours of GPS battery life, 6 interval training sessions, auto pause detection, Pace Partner, vibration alerts, 3 lines of customizable data, 5 programmable alarms, automatic lap splits, and 100-lap memory (just to name a few).

DSC_0188 (2)

Let’s take a look at some of the features the Turbo offers, shall we?

GPS: As this is a GPS watch, how’s the GPS? This is the only part of this review where we’ll compare to other products on the market.
I personally appreciated how quickly the GPS signal was found. It takes roughly 20 seconds and I can be on my way. I can’t stand having to sit around waiting for a GPS signal to appear!


After tracking a month’s worth of runs, the GPS is accurate. We wore three GPS watches during this timeframe, and all three watches were within .01 – .03 miles of each other. I consider this discrepancy to be very minimal in the grand scheme of a watches usefulness.

Interval Training: You can program 6 different time intervals into the Turbo. When each timer reaches zero the watch will chime and the next segment begins. There is a 50 loop cycle for all intervals. This is a great feature for speed work or for those who use walk/run intervals!

Auto Pause: The watch is equipped with this optional feature that will automatically pause your workout if it senses that you stopped moving. No more forgetting to hit pause and throwing off your data! This is especially helpful when running in areas that require frequent stops. Once the GPS alerts that you’ve resumed forward motion your run is automatically started again not requiring the runner to touch any buttons.

Pace Partner/Alerts: Probably my favorite feature on the watch, Pace Partner allows you to set a pace range that you would like to maintain during your run. During the run if you go outside of the pre-set pace then pace alerts will give you a chime to let you know. I can’t tell you how many times I look down at my watch during a run to make sure I’m staying on pace. This completely eliminates that!

Customizable Data Fields: You are able to choose what you want to see on your display. Options include: pace, distance, total time or lap time.

Some of the watches other features include:

-Calories burned

-Indoor chronograph

-Backlight with night mode

-8 hour GPS battery life

-Rechargeable battery

-30M water resistant

-Includes data cable for syncing

DSC_0185 (2)

We’ve been wearing the Turbo on our runs for a month, and overall we’re really happy with it. Initially, I’ll admit that we had some difficulties setting up the watch. The full instructional manual is available online, while the package only includes a quick start guide which could be a bit more detailed. There are setup videos online, which were very helpful!

The band on this watch is AWESOME. It’s soft, flexible and comfortable – by far my favorite band out of any wearable device that I’ve owned. It is lightweight and sits comfortably on the wrist. The notch on the end of the strap prevents the clasp from coming undone.

DSC_0190 (2)

Soleus GPS watches sync with Strava through a downloadable sync manager. In the Strava dashboard you can see all of the data from your runs including elevation and pace charts. You can also connect with other users to view their workouts as well. Once your workouts are uploaded they can also be viewed via the Strava app. There is the option to purchase a premium membership to access more data as well. Its worth noting that runs done using the indoor chronograph will not upload via the sync manager – only runs with GPS enabled upload.

At a price point of $129 the Soleus GPS Turbo is an great example showing that you can get quality features without a high price point.

What is one feature that’s a must have in a running watch for you? Do you prefer all the bells and whistles or just the basics?

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  1. The design seems a little garish, but the watch interface looks very good. As I am short sighted I sometimes struggle to read my watch face while running as I may give this watch a try!


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