Friday Five 8/21: In Five Years…

Good morning and happy Friday! As usual we’re linking up with Cynthia, Mar and Courtney for the Friday Five! This week we’re traveling in time to see what it’ll be like for us five years from now…hopefully.


1. (Family) Living Elsewhere: It’s no secret that we want to move. We like living in different areas, experiencing new things and seeing the world. We go crazy living to long in one place. We’re hoping that Travis will be able to transfer to a new location for work soon – fingers crossed.

2. (His) Qualify for Boston: I’ve been told dreams can come true. I sure hope so. Realistically, it probably won’t happen till my forties (if at all), as I am just not fast enough to hit the qualifying time. Maybe all this training for the Chicago Marathon will change that!

3. (Hers) Run a Marathon: Jen has stuck with half-marathons thus far. She still has her sights set on accomplishing a full marathon soon. Hopefully, I can help her fulfill her goal as she has helped me surpass mine.

4. (Blog) Become a Brand Ambassador: We might not be the best writers or live the most interesting of lives, but we are definitely a real couple and family. I think brands should recognize that 99% of users are ordinary people living normal life’s – stop paying celebrities for promoting you. We’d do it for free!!

5. (Dream) European Vacation: While some people are able to do something like an extended vacation regularly, it is not in our deck of cards right now. We would love to take a couple weeks and travel Europe and see the world more (see #1). Some mutually agreeable destinations include Ireland, England, Italy, France and Spain.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

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