Training Recap – Week Eleven

I hope everyone had a good weekend. I had to work so I didn’t do anything fun. It was a decent week for running here in the North Country of New York. We had some strong storms come through on Tuesday with 60+ mph winds. Our home was spared this time but other areas didn’t fare as well. Our small airport saw a privately owned plane lifted off the ground before being slammed back down nose first. You’ll note below that I didn’t run on Tuesday!

Other than switching my rest days, the rest of the week went well. Eleven weeks into this journey and I’m still able to stand, walk and even run. I’m thankful for that. I’m really look forward to lazy days, hunting season and naps in the woods this fall.

Here is the recap of my week:

  • Monday – 7 mi. @ 7:34 pace (am) / 5.11 mi. @ 8:33 pace (pm)
  • Tuesday – Rest Day
  • Wednesday – 12 mi. @ 7:43 pace
  • Thursday –  10 mi. @ 7:35 pace
  • Friday – 8 mi. @ 8:43 pace
  • Saturday – 13 mi. @ 8:21 pace
  • Sunday – 8 mi. @ 7:52 pace

Weekly Total = 63.11 miles

What was my biggest struggle this week? 

Waking up everyday at 4:30! My work schedule is killing me slowly – 10 hour days and 7-10 day stretches before a day off – coupled with my weekly mileage increasing and I can’t seem to get enough sleep. My wife has to regularly wake me up from our sons room, the couch, the floor or anywhere else I can fall asleep.

What to expect next week?

Although my weekly mileage was suppose to decrease this next week, I expect to be around 62 miles at weeks end due to running the 1812 Challenge. I plan to run the training runs at a slow pace because I want to race the 18.12 miles next Sunday to test my pacing and stamina for Chicago (47 days).

Time for sharing – Not counting your bedroom, where do you love to take a nap? 

(My spot is the woods while hunting. Best naps ever!!)

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