Training Recap – Week Twelve

Well everybody it’s a fresh start to the week so it’s time to take a look back at last week. Week 12 was supposed to be a cut-back week under the training plan I’ve been following. I’ve been saying in my weekly updates that I tweaked the training plan to accommodate a race, well this was the final week I adjusted to do so and I had my race yesterday morning. Hopefully, from here forward I will just follow the plan to a PR in Chicago! Even with the adjustments, I was able to keep my mileage close to the plan of 57, finishing the week just over 60 miles.

Here is the recap of my week:

  • Monday –  8 mi. @ 8:42 pace
  • Tuesday – 7 mi. @ 7:14 pace (am) / 4 mi. @ 8:32 pace (pm)
  • Wednesday – 6 mi. @ 8:33 pace
  • Thursday –  10 mi. @ 7:44 pace
  • Friday – 7 mi. @ 7:23 pace
  • Saturday – Rest Day
  • Sunday – 18.12 mi. @ 7:00 pace

Weekly Total = 60.12 miles

What went well this week? 

My goal for this week was to run a good, consistent race at the 18.12 Challenge. I planned slower workouts this week to help save my legs for yesterday’s race. I feel I accomplished my goal and was happy with how I ran overall. This was my final race before Chicago so I used it as a dress rehearsal (albeit 8 miles shorter) for how I want to run in Chicago. I did well with starting at the right speed and not sprinting the first mile or so, I paced my miles well and my fueling options seemed to work great. I will have a race recap coming out tomorrow morning if you would like to read more about it.

What to expect next week?

As you probably read this, I will be driving to Maine for work. I come home on Friday. Five days away from home with two 12-hour drives is not the ideal situation for my highest mileage week. I’m hoping to find a decent area to get my runs in after work. I also have my longest run of the training plan next weekend at 22 miles!

I’m down to 40 days until the 2015 Chicago Marathon, and I can see the finish line!

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