Training Recap – Week Thirteen

Week 13 is over and with it, I have concluded my longest run and highest mileage week (although I missed some miles) of the training plan. I mentioned in my last recap that I was in Maine this week for work. I traveled Monday and only got in four miles (out of eight) and then missed a two-a-day run on Thursday for another six miles. So down 10 miles, here is the recap of the rest of my week:

  • Monday –  4 mi. @ 8:18 pace
  • Tuesday – 14 mi. @ 8:25 pace
  • Wednesday – 8 mi. @ 8:30 pace
  • Thursday –  4 mi. @ 8:33 pace
  • Friday – Rest Day
  • Saturday – 22 mi. @ 8:27 pace
  • Sunday – 8 mi. @ 7:47 pace

Weekly Total = 60.00 miles

How did my longest run go?

The only goal I had was to keep a steady pace – my theme during training it seems. Looking back at my splits it appears I did a decent job of that. I had a few miles outside the range but mostly averaged 8:20 – 8:30 a mile. I was satisfied with my speed and do not regret slowing down for this run. I’m confident the work I’ve put in will have a huge payoff in Chicago!

What to expect next week?

My mileage creeps down to around 55 with my shortest run coming in at six miles and the long run on Saturday only 14. The end of the week will begin a seven day stretch leading up to the Ready to Run 20-Miler the following weekend.

33 more days!

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