Training Recap – Week Fifteen

Week 15 is now over and with it my taper begins.  The week went well and I’m happy to be on the downward slope in regards to mileage. The days are getting shorter and it’s getting so close to deer hunting season that it’s hard to want to do my runs. Don’t misunderstand me I’m excited for Chicago, and if you haven’t heard, for the NYC Marathon on November 1. But it has been a long summer and I’m not a professional runner, so to devote this amount of time (97.79 hours thus far) after working long days has been hard on me, my family and anything I need to get done. But only a few more weeks to go.

Here is the recap of my week:

  • Monday –  5.11 mi. @ 7:53 pace (a.m.) / 7.02 mi. @ 8:11 pace (p.m.)
  • Tuesday – 10.01 mi. @ 8:02 pace
  • Wednesday – Extra Rest Day
  • Thursday –  10.00 mi. @  7:49 pace
  • Friday – 8.01 mi. @ 7:47 pace
  • Saturday – Rest Day
  • Sunday – Ready to Run 20-Miler @ 7:39 pace

Weekly Total = 60.15 miles

How is my body holding up?

Plain and simple – it is not! I’m starting to hurt. I took Wednesday off to get some rest but I think I need more. I don’t want to go into Chicago hurting, but I don’t want to stop running completely either. I need to take a long hard look at my last three weeks to determine what runs can be sacrificed and which ones can not. More rest days are in the works.

What to expect next week?

The week 16 plan calls for 58 miles, but I think I will finish more closely to 44 miles. I’m supposed to have my final two-a-day run tomorrow but I have a busy day and think sacrificing one of the runs is probably better for my body. I also plan to take Wednesday off again to give myself two complete days of rest.

19 more days till Chicago – time to start my packing list!


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