Time to Start Packing – Chicago Here I Come

Autism Speaks Marathoner Spotlight

“I have been a runner since I was young. I became a long distance runner only a few years ago. I ran my first marathon last year the week I turned 30. The one thing I remember vividly about that race was being able to cross the finish line with my son Parker. Immediately after receiving my medal that day, I decided to give it to Parker, thus starting a little family tradition. I feel privileged to be able to give my son medals I receive. When I can, I let him go up and receive them on my behalf. The look on his face is priceless and I cherish those moments immensely. Running is something Parker, who was diagnosed with Autism this spring, loves too.

I am honored to be running the 2015 Chicago Marathon representing Team Up and Autism Speaks. I choose to partner with Team Up not only for my son, but also for all the children my wife worked so closely with for years as a Teaching Assistant in an ABA classroom. Her devotion, along with other men and women I know, to the children they teach is amazing. Their selflessness and dedication influenced my decision.DSC_0046

I look forward to the 11th of October. I look forward to the fall air and cool morning, Chicago streets packed with thousands of runners, and the roar of family, friends and strangers cheering us on. I look forward to representing an outstanding charity. Mostly, I look forward to the opportunity to take my medal and give it to my son. It means more to me around his neck than it ever will hanging on my wall.”


Well folks, they say all good things must come to an end, and I’m in the final days of preparation for the 2015 Chicago Marathon. I’ve tested my physical limits, then pushed them further; I’ve hit my wall and broken through; I was beaten down, bit (literally), banged up and sore but I ultimately survived. Here is the recap of week 17:

  • Monday – Extra Rest Day
  • Tuesday – 6.00 mi. @ 7:20 pace
  • Wednesday – 8.00 mi. @ 7:24 pace
  • Thursday –  6.00 mi. @  8:32 pace
  • Friday – Rest Day
  • Saturday – Rest Day
  • Sunday –  10.00 mi. @ 7:42 pace

Weekly Total = 30.00 miles

On to Week 18!!

I only have  15 miles this week before the big day, just enough to stay loose and keep the blood flowing for recovery. We leave for Chicago Thursday evening and plan to drive through the night with our two small kiddos. We will hit up the expo on Friday right after getting into town and I will try to get in a short jog as well to stretch my legs after the long drive. Saturday we plan to meet up with family coming to support me and then may take the kids to the either the Lincoln Park Zoo or the Shedd Aquarium in the morning. By afternoon, its back to the hotel and relaxing before the early morning wake-up call. To follow along on and see updates from Chicago, be sure you’re following us.

Twitter: @TravisDiPalma ; @2HalfsBlog

Instagram:  taleof2halfs

I will see you all in Chicago!

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