Chicago – Day 2

I hope you enjoyed reading about our day at the Chicago Expo in yesterday’s post. Today I’ll be recapping what the family did the day before the race in the Windy City.

We started our morning by having family arrive at our hotel from out-of-state. They came to help show support, spend time with us and help Jen with both of the kids the morning of the race on the busy streets of Chicago. After getting the kids ready, a day bag packed with essentials, we headed out towards Grant Park and Michigan Avenue.

One of Jen’s sisters took a train over from Michigan and it arrived near Millennium Park so we arranged to meet her near the Bean. Parker thought it was the coolest thing ever and enjoyed running around and checking out his reflection.



After hanging out for a little bit we made our way up Michigan Avenue stopping in a few stores along the way. We also stopped at Nike Downtown to take one last look at the Marathon gear but decided against purchasing anything else. After a few hours of walking around it was time to start making our way back towards our hotel to get ready for the Team Up! dinner.

Jen’s sister had agreed to hang out with the kids while we attended the dinner so we left them at the hotel to play. We decided that grabbing a taxi was probably the best option as we were short on time and had already walked quite a bit that day. A few minutes later we were arriving at Maggiano’s Little Italy. Team Up! had reserved a room downstairs for all of the Marathon participants. There was a full buffet consisting of salad, rolls, two different pastas and fruit. We spent some time chatting with the Autism Speaks staff and other participants. At the end of the dinner there was a presentation as well as final instructions for the race day regarding a team photo and gear check.

thS7GJHM5COnce the dinner was finished we headed back to the hotel to meet up with the kids again. We had done enough walking for the day and agreed that we would just hang out in the room for the rest of the night. I laid out all of my gear for the morning to be sure that I had everything.


After double and triple checking my bag for the morning it was time to set a million alarms and get some rest for the big day.


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