Preparing for the TCS NYC Marathon

It’s been a couple of weeks since I posted any type of training progress following the Chicago Marathon. I’ve still been training and tomorrow I leave for the New York City Marathon.

After Chicago I took three days of complete rest which my body needed. I haven’t done too many intense workouts the last three weeks and I’m okay with that. Truth be told I didn’t even cover that many miles. Here is a quick summation of my runs the last three weeks:

11 workouts
74 miles
6 rest days (3 immediately following Chicago)

As you see, not to strenuous. I did 12 and 10-mile runs on the weekends and appear ready to toe the starting line in New York City healthy. My training pace has been vastly slower since Chicago however. It has gotten inside my head and is making me doubt myself and my training.

Originally I wanted to run New York for time; especially since I missed my goal by 2 1/2 minutes in Chicago. Now, I’m unsure. I think it’s important to have a goal to strive for on race day, I just haven’t figured mine out yet.


I leave for the city tomorrow evening after I spend the day with family in Lake Placid, NY. Unfortunately Jen and and the kids will not be making the trip as the race coincides with a visit from Grandma! We’re all excited to have her visit and I’m grateful the kids get to spend this time with her. I know that I have their full support and encouragement and know they’ll be tracking me as a I go!

I began this journey on June 1st. On November 1st, I complete what I set out to accomplish. It hasn’t always been easy but it has definitely been worth it. I’ve learned so much about myself during this time that I’m sad to think it’s over – for now. I’m looking forward to turning my attention back to my wife, kids, and other hobbies I enjoy.

I’m also excited to watch my wife as she begins a new journey soon. I know she’s going to do great and I know I don’t want to miss it! But I’ll let her tell you more, so stay tuned.

But first, I have have one last 26.2 mile adventure for 2015 in the City that Never Sleeps. I’ll see you in New York!

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