A Day In Our Life

We’ve shared one of these posts before but it’s been a while, so I thought it would be fun to do another.

6:30am: Peyton has been laying with me for an hour already and now I can hear Parker yelling “Oh mommmmmyyyy, I’m awake!” from his bedroom. Time to get up for the day.

I start making Parker’s lunch for school and get breakfast ready for the kids. They’re having pancakes this morning. We try to make mornings a little easier by making a big batch of pancakes on Sunday morning and freezing them so that we can enjoy them quickly all week long.

7:00: the kids play and watch a cartoon while I get ready

7:30: breakfast for me- I’m running a little late today so I opt for a smoothie. We got a Ninja system a couple weeks ago and I’m loving the single serve cup convenience. My favorite lately has been banana, milk and powdered PB. Delish! I also make my coffee, a bottle for Peyton and get Parkers water bottle filled for school.

8:00: we’re out the door for the drive to school. It takes about a half an hour to get there. 

8:45: Travis gets home from work. Normally he would be going to sleep soon but Tuesday was his Friday so he’s staying up for the day.

9:30: Peyton hangs out with dad while I get a run in.

10:00: I’m back from my run and Peyton is down for a nap. I’m starving so I grab a snack, a bottle of Nuun (tropical) and my coffee from earlier. Travis is going hunting for the afternoon and getting ready to head out.

10:45: Peyton wakes up just as I’m about to shower so I grab some toys and bring her into the bedroom with me.

11:15: I’m going away for a girls weekend to Hilton Head Island on Friday and so need to start packing. I start a load of laundry and lay out a few things.

11:40: Lunch for Peyton. While she eats I load and run the dishwasher and clean up the kitchen.

12:00: Trip to BJ’s (kind of like Costco) for a few things

1:30: It’s already time to head back to pick Parker up from school. He tells me all about his day on the ride home.

2:20: The kids have a snack and play while I start prepping for dinner. We’re having stir fry so I thaw chicken and cut up veggies. I also unload the dishwasher, and grab the laundry I had started before.

3:30: Parker’s been showing some interest in reading so I’ve been working on some sight words with him. He’s doing really well with it!

4:45: I start cooking while the kids chase each other around. Now that Peyton is crawling she loves being able to follow her big brother all over!

5:15: I eat with the kids

6:00: Travis gets home from hunting and grabs his plate of dinner and I’ve got the kids in the bath. 

6:30: We start toy clean up and our bedtime routine. Both kids go to sleep at the same time. Peyton starts her night bottle while we pick up.

7:00: The kids are in bed and Travis and I finish picking up from the day and fold laundry. We quickly watch Monday’s episode of the Voice (when we need to catch up we just fast forward and watch only the performances) so that we can watch the episode that’s on at 8:00 while we enjoy some wine.

10:00 Travis has been awake for over 24 hours at this point and has plans to get up before sunrise to hunt so it’s time for bed!

During the week all of our days look pretty similar. We’ve got a pretty good schedule down that helps when it gets a little crazy around here!

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