Friday Five 11/13: Ways To Stay Healthy During The Holidays

Hello! While you’re reading this I’m flying to South Carolina for a girls getaway weekend! Travis is holding down the fort at home while I spend a few days on Hilton Head Island with a good friend of mine! We’ve got some big plans this weekend including a trip to the spa, hiking and shopping.

Holiday season is officially here (although if you go by any retail stores it’s been here since the end of September). This time of year can easily be tough to maintain fitness and healthy eating with all of the holiday activities, parties and treats around! We’re linking up again for the Friday Five to talk about ways to stay healthy during the holidays.

1. Don’t Over Eat: Sounds easy enough but the truth is it can be a real challenge with holiday treats at work and at home, in addition to all the holiday parties. Eat a normal meal and don’t worry about offending family and friends if you do not want a second helping.

2. Get on your Feet: With so many online options these days for shopping, it is entirely possible to buy for one or two dozen people and not leave the comfort of your house. While I hate crowds as much as the next person, actually going to a store, shopping center or mall allows me to get on my feet and burn a few additional calories. It may not be many calories in the grand scheme of things, but it keeps your metabolism and digestive systems working their best and keeps you healthy.

3. Volunteer your Time: You might be thinking…huh? The holiday season is stressful for so many reasons – family, finances, travel, illnesses, etc. – but studies have shown that a great way to reduce stress and improve your emotional health is to give back to someone who may be down on their luck. While you’re worrying about buying your husband the perfect present, that gentleman you serve food to at a church dinner may be worrying about how to keep his family off of the streets this winter.

4. Keep Exercising: This is probably the hardest for us in this house. The days are shorter and always seem to be busier than ever. But it’s important that we find time each day to do a little workout. It keeps us going, motivated and healthy; research suggests those who exercise regularly are better able to fight off the common colds and flus of winter.

5. Be Grateful!: While today’s topic may have been geared towards food and fitness, we feel that it’s important to be healthy in every aspect of your life – physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, etc. We are not a perfect couple and we struggle with the same realities of others in our society. But we do our best to be grateful for everything we have. When we are grateful with what we have, and not upset at what we don’t, we appreciate those things more. So your kids may be screaming in the background, or your car needs repairs, you don’t like your job or a host of other issues. Take a minute to pause and be grateful – you may be better off than you realize.

Do you agree with our list? Please leave a comment below telling us why or why not.
Have a great weekend!

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