Looking Ahead to 2016

You may have noticed that only one of us has been running. Between work schedules, kids, and life in general we have found that it works best for us to alternate years for our big goal races. It becomes very difficult for us to both be training at the same time. Last year, I ran the Disney Princess Half, the Syracuse Half, and the Nike Women’s Half D.C. This year it was Travis’ turn to choose a major event to do and ended up doing both Chicago and NYC. He had aggressive goals for these races and with those kind of goals come with equally as aggressive training plans. I was able to fit in 2 halfs (Buffalo and the Canal Run) earlier in the year before his training really ramped up but decided that it would be a smart idea to forego a fall race this year. I’ve still been running, sneaking them in on the treadmill when time allows.

Now that his race season is over for the year it is time to start looking ahead to 2016. After much debate in my head, I have decided that 2016 will be the year that I go for a full marathon. To be completely honest, this idea is terrifying to me but I think that it’s time to see what my body can do. I had looked at several races and have ultimately decided that Chicago will be my goal race for the year. I plan on running with Team Up! with Autism Speaks as a charity runner (actually, both of us are planning to run with them.).

The plan:

I’m currently building my base back up after only sporadic running for the past several months. Our lives have finally calmed down a bit after a really crazy fall so I’ve been working on getting my legs back in shape. At the end of December I will start a training plan for the Syracuse Half Marathon on April 3. I’m looking to PR at this race so there is going to be a lot of speed work thrown into this training cycle- something that I haven’t really done before. I’m still trying to decide which plan I’m going to follow for Syracuse, but I’m leaning right now towards a Higdon Intermediate plan. I’m thinking that running more miles may be the way to go for me in order to hit my goals for this race.


I’m hoping to add in a couple other races in the spring/early summer and will begin training in June for Chicago. At the end of August I’m planning on running the 18.12 Challenge as a training run and to see where my conditioning is at going into Chicago.

So, that’s where I’m at for now! I’m planning on documenting my whole experience and doing weekly updates so you can all follow along! #journeyto26point2

For you marathoners- Which race was your first full?
Any tips for me going into my first marathon?

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