Friday Five 12/3: Five Vacations We’d Love To Take

Good morning! We hope you’ve had a great week! Don’t forget: today is the final day to enter our Spartan Race giveaway!

Today we’re talking vacations. These days, all of our vacation time is spent either traveling for races or going back to Michigan to see our families since we live so far away. Next year we’re lucky and will be going to Florida for a college graduation in late spring. Even though vacation time is limited, we still have an ongoing list of places we’d love to visit someday.

We’re linking up with Cynthia, Courtney and Mar for the Friday Five!

  1. Europe- This is definitely number one on my list. The plan is to go on a long vacation for our ten year wedding anniversary in a few years. We’d like to get to England, France, Spain, Ireland and Italy. Travis was actually born in Naples, Italy so it’s definitely a priority to get there someday.
  2. Alaska- Travis lived in Alaska for 6 months in college but I have never been. He lived inside of Denali National Park and always says it was an incredible experience.Senior Year Photos 007
  3. California- I’ve never been to the west coast (so along with California you can add Oregon and Washington to the list as well) and have family in San Diego so I’m surprised that we haven’t made it that way yet.
  4. South America- More specifically, the Amazon Rainforest. I don’t have an exact reason for wanting to go here. I just think it would be amazing to see!rainforest
  5. Anywhere during the Olympics- A little broad I know. Travis is a HUGE Olympics buff so we’re really hoping to make it to one of the games. Ideally, I think we’d prefer the summer games over winter but we’re not picky!
What’s one place you’d love to visit?
Have a great weekend!


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