Weekly Wrap #2: 12/7 – 12/13

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To say that last week was a long week would be an understatement. Both kids were sick and then Travis got hit really hard. We had 2 trips to urgent care and Parker ended up missing an entire week of school. I managed to avoid it while everyone else was down but it would appear that I’m coming down with something now. In addition to all of the illness last week Travis had a planned hunting trip out of town for the weekend. He left Thursday morning and didn’t get back until late last night.

We’re linking up with Tricia and Holly for the Weekly Wrap. Here’s a recap of our week: WeeklyWrap

Jen: I definitely didn’t intent to take 4 days off from running, but that’s just how this week went. Oh well, I’ll try again this week! The weekend was jam packed with social events. On Saturday we were actually double booked with different events.

Monday: 21 Day Fix Lower Fix + Abs

Tuesday: 21 Day Fix Pilates Fix

Wednesday: 21 Day Fix Cardio Fix

Thursday: 21 Day Fix Dirty 30 + Abs, 3 Game Volleyball match

Friday: 21 Day Fix Yoga Fix, 3 Miles @ 9:52 avg.

Saturday: 21 Day Fix Total Cardio Fix, Pilates Fix and Abs. On Saturday we also had the kids Christmas party for Travis’ work. Parker had a blast and loved talking to Santa!

Sunday: 21 Day Fix Upper Fix and Cardio Fix,  2 Miles @ 9:27 avg. We also had a baby shower to attend for a friend of mine on Sunday. Thankfully the kids were feeling better by the weekend and they enjoyed the time with their little friends!

Goals for the week: 5 Runs and finishing up my final week of the 21 Day Fix.



He was extremely sick and ended up taking the week off from any activity.

Goals for this week: Get back to feeling 100%, 4 runs


I’m hoping that I can kick whatever I’m coming down with quickly before we head to Michigan for the holidays next week.


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  1. Oh, my. It’s bad when the kids and the husband are sick. I certainly hope you feel better quickly. At least maybe all of it will be over by Christmas? Your kids are adorable. Parker looks like he’s at that perfect Santa age. Thanks for linking with us again! I hope you have a much better week.


  2. Oh dang, you seriously have to tell me how you managed to not get sick with the kidos and the hubs? I do hope they are all better before Christmas! I entered your giveaway, I can always use some compression and I’ve never tried this brand! Thank you for linking up with us again, I do hope you have a better week!


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