Birthday Fun

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Yesterday was my 30th birthday! It ended up being a far busier day than I had planned or expected!

I brought Parker to school like I normally do, to find out that their class Christmas party for parents was only an hour and a half later and we had somehow missed the memo. Oops! Not only was there a party, but Parker was supposed to have a secret Santa gift to exchange with one of his classmates. Parker’s school is about a half an hour drive from any kind of shopping, so it was a super quick trip back into town to pick out a gift and then I raced back to meet Travis at the school.

The party was adorable as usual. The kids sang us some of the holiday songs that they’ve been working on and treated us to cookies, donuts and milk afterwards. The kids did their secret Santa exchange and we were given gifts from Parker to open on Christmas morning.

I came home to some beautiful flowers from Travis

img_0610Travis had to sleep during the day due to his work shift so it was me and the munchkins for the afternoon. We kept busy with a trip to the DMV, and a little bit of shopping. Parker also wanted to help bake a cake so we did that together before dinner.

My typical request for my birthday dinner is usually shrimp and scallop alfredo (my FAVORITE). We switched it up a little bit this year and had seared scallops with garlic wine butter sauce. They were SO good! You can find the recipe here. We’ve also got reservations for Friday evening at a nice restaurant in town that we’ve never gotten to try.

After dinner it was time to dig into the cake we had made earlier! Parker helped me out with the candles and made sure I made a wish. He of course made one too and proudly declared that it was going to come true! He cracks me up 🙂

Before I went to bed last night I got a really exciting e-mail. I was selected to be a Nuun Ambassador for 2016! We love Nuun and I am thrilled to be on the team!


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  1. Wow, that is so cool about being selected to be a Nuun Ambassador. I much prefer Nuun over Gatorade and have it on my long runs in particular.

    It sounds like being a great birthday. My wife and I also call our children our “munchkins”. Don’t here that term all that often, but it is very endearing! 🙂


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