What’s Ahead in 2016 for Travis?

2015 was a year filled with amazing races, once in a lifetime experiences and many personal bests over 1,300 miles. With so much happening this year, what could I possibly achieve in 2016?

For starters, I was selected to be a member of Team SLS3 for 2016. It’s great to see a company promote and support a wide variety of athletes from beginners to professionals. I’m excited to be given this opportunity and look forward to supporting and promoting them as well.

As part of Team SLS3 I will be maintaining a busy race calendar, which is going to be very hard because I made a promise to support and encourage my wife on her journey to complete 26.2 miles at next year’s Chicago Marathon. She was very supportive of my application and selection to Team SLS3 and I know together, we can both have a great year.

Although I will be running more races than originally planned, my goal race for next year is early on during Memorial weekend at the Buffalo Marathon. I hope to finally eclipse the 3:15 mark as I slowly bring my time down. Training will be more difficult than it was for Chicago this year as many runs will take place during our long winter and may force me indoors more than I’d like.

In 2015 Jen and I became race directors for the first time after previously organizing only a virtual race. Our Piece by Piece 5K was a success and we are already working on the initial details of next year’s event. We hope to grow the event and with any luck, make a large donation to Team Up! with Autism Speaks, our designated charity.

And finally, my last goal is to see my wife succeed on her #journeyto26point2. I know how important proper training will be and she can only achieve her goals by putting in the hard work. I also know how much support from the family helps in achieving those goals as evidenced by this year. I’m going to be supporting her through every break through, heartbreak, injury (hopefully not), step and mile.

2016 is going to be busy, for both of us. We both have goals, ambitions and dreams and sometimes they come together at the same time. But it should make for great stories, so stayed tuned!

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