Friday Five 1/8/16: Food & Drinks That Fuel Our Training

With our training plans for the Syracuse Half Marathon (April 3rd) beginning very soon, we thought this would be an excellent time to link up with Cynthia, Courtney and Mar to share some food and drinks that fuel us during those long training plans.


1. Nuun – We love Nuun in our house and have mentioned it in numerous posts over the last year. We are truly upset when we run out of our favorite flavors -Watermelon, Orange, Tri-Berry and Lemon-Lime – and can not wait til more arrive in the mail. We have noticed outstanding differences in our hydration, running performance and even our recovery when we regularly use Nuun in our water. If you haven’t tried Nuun, we strongly encourage you to check them out and place an order.

2. Chicken

Chicken is a fairly lean animal, meaning it has a lower fat and higher protein ratio than other meats. That makes it popular for athletes, people looking for weight loss, and people in general on a healthy eating plan.

We eat a lot of chicken and for a variety of reasons. We can prepare a whole bird or simply just white or dark meat, whatever our preference is that day. It’s one of the cheaper meats in our area, especially drumsticks and thighs, which saves our family money. Finally, we can prepare it in so many healthy ways that we really don’t get tired of eating it.

3. Protein Smoothies – While we may not have a smoothie after every workout, they are a staple after our long runs. Our body begins the process of recovery and repair immediately following a workout and adding a protein supplement helps our muscles repair and strengthen.

There are numerous medical studies that debate the “recovery window” in regards to a supplements benefit at certain times, but most all agree that adding additional protein following a strenuous workout is beneficial.

4. Salt – A gray area here as this is neither a food or beverage, but none the less it is an important part of a runner’s diet that often gets overlooked. Though not our words or research, I would strongly urge everyone to read Pass the Salt?, a short article published by Runner’s World 10 years ago that still holds its weight today.

5. Vegetables – I know we’re not breaking the mold with this entry to the list but let’s face it, vegetables fuel our training. Healthy and tasty, our favorites include broccoli and summer and spaghetti squashes. Our preferred method of cooking is roasted under the broiler.

Bonus: Coffee – Our long runs that take place early in the morning or late at night can often be difficult on us aging adults. Coffee makes sure we make it to bedtime, or at least our kids bedtime and sometimes it still doesn’t work!

What do you think of our list?

3 thoughts on “Friday Five 1/8/16: Food & Drinks That Fuel Our Training

Add yours

  1. I’m roasting a chicken tonight, actually.

    I tend to lean more vegetarian, but my husband doesn’t. I’ll usually eat vegetarian/pescetarian during the day, and sometimes (but not every night) have fish or poultry at night; red meat maybe once a week (but not if my husband is traveling).

    Greek yogurt is often a staple recovery food for me. Oatmeal. Potatoes. Sweet potatoes . . I could probably go on and on; I love food!


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