Friday Five 1/22: 5 Things We Love About Our Treadmill

Good Morning! How’s your week been? We’ve been keeping busy as usual. Travis is getting ready to leave for 3 weeks for work training, so I’ll be holding down the fort while he’s gone. At least he’s headed to warmer weather! It looks like we’re going to miss out on Winter Storm Jonas that is nailing most of the east coast though, so I’m thankful for that!

Since it’s Friday, we’re linking up with Cynthia, Courtney and Mar for the Friday Five. We’ve been talking a lot about our treadmill (that was FINALLY delivered Tuesday afternoon) so we’re sharing some of our favorite features.


Ideally, we’d much prefer to run outside. With Travis’ weird work schedule and hours having a treadmill is absolutely necessary for us or I’d hardly get to run. Travis is able to fit in 3 hours worth of workouts at work each week but for me it’s a lot more difficult. Up until earlier this month we had been using a treadmill that my in-laws had given us a couple years back. It was perfect- I could just head down in the basement and get my runs in…until it died a few weeks back. Here are some of our favorite features (we went with a Proform Premier 900):

  1. It’s quiet: When we ordered the new treadmill it was highly suggested that it not go in any damp environment, so having it in our basement was out of the question. This led to us rearranging our bedroom furniture in order to fit the treadmill in a corner of the room. Having to put it upstairs, it being quiet was a really important feature for us. Our kids bedrooms are right next to ours and they don’t sleep very heavily. When we’re running on the treadmill you can barely hear it. If I’m sitting in our living room I can’t hear it at all!  
  2. Built in workouts: There are 30 different workout options to choose from if you feel like mixing it up. Travis did one of the programmed speed workouts the other day and said it was a good workout! There are speed intervals, incline intervals and several different courses to choose from that take you through a simulated trip through a national park.    
  3. Media features: There’s a stand to hold our iPad and a port that you can connect to so that the sound comes through the speakers. Lets be honest, it takes some distraction when you’re running on a treadmill- ours faces a wall, so I definitely need something else to look at! The treadmill also has Wi-Fi, so if you really want you can scroll Facebook or watch YouTube videos right from the treadmills screen. The only gripe we have is the angle of the screen makes it a little hard to see, especially for someone short like me. If it were angled up a little it would be perfect. You can also e-mail your workouts right from the treadmill or share to Facebook through iFit as well.
  4. The fan: This is an awesome addition. I used to get really warm when I was running in the basement, but having it upstairs takes it to a whole ‘nother level. Having the fan option is a nice touch.
  5. Different screen views: This is a nice feature to have when doing speed work. There are several different screens that you can scroll through that show you different information. There’s a general screen that shows time, speed, calories etc. and if you swipe over you can see a track view that keeps track of lap time for 400meters and how many laps you’ve done. Perfect for some Yasso 800s!    

What’s your favorite way to entertain yourself on a treadmill?


7 thoughts on “Friday Five 1/22: 5 Things We Love About Our Treadmill

Add yours

  1. Sounds like a great machine. I bought mine second hand and it lacks a lot of bells and whistles but It keeps me going during our long winter. I usually watch Netflix on my ipad that helps pass the time 🙂 Great post!


  2. i’d love to have my own treadmill but I wouldn’t know where to put it in my place. Luckily my gym is a mile away and my complex fitness center is right behind my house! I like watching TV shows to pass the time.


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