Weekly Wrap #8: 1/18 – 1/24

Good morning! Did all of our east coast friends survive the snowpocalypse? We were thankfully well out of it’s reach and only had to deal with cold temperatures this weekend, but we were following along and couldn’t believe some of the pictures we were seeing!

It’s seems like it has been a crazy busy week here, but I can’t figure out why. Travis left this morning for 2 weeks of work training so the majority of our weekend was spent getting him ready to go. We got a kick out of the amount of running gear he packed versus the amount of work gear. He will get to enjoy running in far milder temperatures than we’ve been getting here!

Since he’s going to be gone for three weeks total between two different trainings we decided to sneak in a date night after the kids went to bed last night. We went for a few drinks and appetizers at our favorite local Mexican restaurant. The watermelon margaritas are the best!


Travis also finished Peyton’s toy box earlier this week. It turned out beautifully! Once he gets back we will be staining it and putting on a monogram that matches the colors in her bedroom.


Our #runtheyear team hit our 100 mile mark on Saturday! By the end of the month between the three of us we should have around 170 miles, so we will be right on track to hit 2,016 miles this year!


Here’s our workouts from this week:

Travis: Training kicks off for the Buffalo Marathon today! This will be his A race for the year so he’s got a big training plan set up. The course for this race is extremely flat and has a very high BQ rate so he is very excited to see what he can accomplish!

Monday: Hockey Game

Tuesday:  5 miles @ 7:30 pace

Wednesday: 3.1 miles @ 8:16 pace with strength training

Thursday: 5 miles — 1 mi. warm up, 3 miles @ half marathon pace (6:54), 1 mile cool down

Friday: 2.12 miles @  8:19 pace with strength training

Sunday:- 6 miles @ 7:48 pace

Weekly total: 21.22 Miles

Jen: I am finally back on track with training for Syracuse! It was great to have a higher mileage week than I have had in a while. The plan could be changing again though- I found out last night that I won a year’s worth of run coaching from an Instagram contest! I’m beyond excited to have help working towards my goal for this year. I’ll be sure to share more details soon!

Monday: Off

Tuesday: 5 Miles

Wednesday: Speed day- 2 Mile WU, 4x 3:00 hard effort/3:00 easy 1 Mile CD for 5.2 miles total.

Thursday: 5 Miles in the morning followed by a 5 game volleyball match in the evening

Friday: 1 Mile just to loosen up my legs. I spent a long time with our foam roller and the stick too. My right IT band tends to get cranky so I’m trying to baby it as much as possible with a lot of stretching and rolling to hopefully prevent any issues down the road

Saturday: 3 Miles

Sunday: 7 Miles- my first long run of the training cycle.

Weekly total: 26.2 (it must be a sign!)


We’re linking up with Tricia and Holly for the Weekly Wrap.



6 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap #8: 1/18 – 1/24

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  1. How exciting to win a year’s worth of coaching! I’m having a bit of an issue with my left ITB since the marathon. I’m trying to give it a lot of rest and foam rolling. I knew I couldn’t do the 2016 mileage challenge as an individual, but was completely unaware you could do it as part of a team. That’s very nice! I think your weekly mileage is a sign! Good luck as you both continue your training for your goal races. Thanks for linking!


  2. What a cool idea too on making the 2016 a team effort! I could do that! Oh my that is just awesome you won coaching! When do you get started? I’m so excited about seeing what you do with this!! Very cool! Thanks so much and keep us updated on your running under your coach!


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