My Focus Areas For This Training Cycle

The Syracuse Half Marathon will be my 6th Half. In the past, I’ve done the training but never put much more into it than that. I ran a few times during the week and did a long runs on the weekend. Pretty standard stuff. I’ve mentioned before that I’m taking on this training cycle a little differently. I’m taking it more seriously, if you will. In the past I would get frustrated when I kept getting the same result, but the truth was that I wasn’t putting in the work to get anything more out of myself.

My current PR for a half is 2:45:43 (Nike Women’s Half Marathon-D.C.- oh how I wish they would bring this race back!) Not very fast (yes, I know speed is a relative term). The last 2 half marathons that I’ve run have been around the 2:53 mark and I’ve run them extremely under trained. I don’t recommend that to anyone. It’s not fun.


I’ve decided that Syracuse will most likely not end up being my A race for the spring and that I’m going to make Buffalo my goal race (much flatter course than Syracuse) but I still want a PR in Syracuse. I’d like to land somewhere around 2:37/38 I think.

I thought I would share a little bit about my areas of focus for the upcoming races. I’m hoping that my coach will be able to help me develop a little bit better of a plan once we get rolling but here’s where my thoughts are currently.

Varied workouts: This will be the first time that I am regularly incorporating different kinds of runs into my training. In order to get faster I can’t just run at the same pace every time so I’ve got track work, tempo runs, pace runs and equally important easy runs. I listened to a seminar the other night presented by Run Smart Online and he had some really great points regarding effort in different kinds of runs and how they affect training. There’s different times for different speeds.

Strength: This time around I have plans to do additional workouts 3 times a week. I have extremely weak hips and core and I think that’s what ends up making my IT band cranky so I’ve been doing some research on which exercises will help out with that.

Pacing: I am terrible at regulating my pace outside. This is one of the big benefits to running on a treadmill for me, I can set the speed and it stays the same. I don’t know what my issue is when I’m outside though. The plan is to check my watch more regularly to monitor and make adjustments to my pace.

Mental Toughness: This is probably the most important for me. I’m a big time head case. I would be willing to bet that self sabotage is the reason that I haven’t been able to break that PR. I need to work on my confidence and figure out ways to get myself through the mental walls that I hit.




What helps you when you hit a mental wall?

What are your favorite exercises for core/hip strength?


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