Friday Five 2/5: Virtual Races (Giveaway!)

Good morning! TGIF! Travis will be home this afternoon after 2 weeks of work travel, we can’t wait! Unfortunately he’s only here for 2 days before hitting the road for another week but we will take what we can get! This week was pretty uneventful for us minus a random “snow” day in the middle of the week. We woke up to everything covered in a thick sheet of ice and by early afternoon it was 55 degrees and all of our snow was melting. I could handle a winter like this every year!

Today’s post is sponsored by Level Up Runs (as always, all opinions are our own). Level Up is a company founded by two brothers with the idea of helping keep runners motivated while training for larger races. Proceeds from their races go towards helping schools that don’t have the funds to keep their athletic programs running- what a great cause!

Today we’re talking virtual races. A virtual race is exactly what it sounds like- you register for a race and participate on your own time. They can be done outside or on a treadmill and most will have options for distance as well. Here are some reasons to do a virtual race:

  1. Motivation to train: If you don’t have an actual race coming up virtual races can be a great way to keep your motivation up! For most virtual races there will be a spot to submit a time, that is usually done on the honor system, though sometimes you may have to submit Garmin data.
  2. Difficulty finding races: We live in a small area and there aren’t that many races that are available to us without having to travel at least a few hours to get to. Virtual races give the ability to run a race without having to travel.
  3. The bling: I’m sure you’ve seen some of the awesome medals that virtual races put out! The race usually has a theme and a medal to match!
  4. Charity: Nearly every virtual race that we have done has been to benefit a charity. It’s a great way to give back and have fun doing it!
  5. Create your own competition: Why not grab a few friends or family members and have some fun with it! If there’s a certain theme to the race you could come up with awards for costumes, etc.

Level Up has a Star Wars themed virtual race running February 15-29 called “The Runner Awakens”. The cost of the race is $25 and in addition to the medal you will also receive a gift certificate from their sponsor SLS3. If you’d like to register you can use the code SAVE15 for 15% off of your entry!


We love when companies support other companies – SLS3 has offered a giveaway of one of their dual pocket run belts to our readers (keep an eye out for a full review of the belt coming soon!) Just click over to  rafflecopter to enter. Good luck!



We’re linking up for the Friday Five with Cynthia, Courtney and Mar!


Do you participate in virtual races?


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