An Update from the Road Warrior

Hi everyone, Travis here. It’s been awhile since we did a post about what I’ve been up to so I thought it was time to update everyone. If you’ve read our recent posts then you know I’ve been traveling and away from home and I am currently in south Texas as I write this. It’s been a challenging time to leave home – winter storms, sick kids, marathon training and the like. 

I began training for my “A” race on January 25 which coincided as my first day away during this three week stretch. While it’s been nice to escape the snow, it hasn’t always been easy to find a safe place to run. I’ve managed with a mix of trails and treadmills and so far I have yet to miss a scheduled run.


Training is off to a good start, although I am suffering from sore shins and calves. I recently ordered two new pairs of running shoes and already began rotating one new pair into my current 3 pair rotation. However, due to luggage restrictions only the newest pair made the cut to fly (overweight bag fees are nuts). I had been doing more strength training leading into the start of my training plan but all the travel has prevented me from continuing lately. I look forward to returning to a normal schedule and workout routine and incorporating that back in.

I haven’t talked much, if at all, about my schedule, goals, or training for 2016. My first two races are the same as the other half – Syracuse Half Marathon on April 3rd and then my goal race, the Buffalo Marathon during Memorial Weekend. I haven’t officially decided on my goal time, but am leaning toward a sub 3:15, preferably around 3:10. Buffalo is a flat, fast course and a great time is manageable given the right training and race day conditions.


I’m exhausted from work and training and worn down from the flights, layovers, delays and time changes. I arrived at my hotel at 10 c.s.t. Monday night and quickly changed into my running clothes after traveling for 16 hours and headed to the hamster wheel for a 6 mile jaunt. I got to bed around 11:30 and woke up at 5 a.m. for the first of two scheduled runs on Tuesday. By dinner time I had run 3 separate times in 17 hours totaling 16.5 miles. My distance might not be impressive but my dedication is!

The hardest part of traveling isn’t the flights, delays or hotels in my eyes. It’s the time I miss with my family. The two short days I had at home last weekend reminded me that, no matter how tough it gets, I’ll always have smiling faces to come home to.

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  1. Shouldn’t your description be “2 sole mates?” Good luck training. My wife and I will be running the Syracuse half too, and I’ll be running Vermont City while you’re running Buffalo.


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