SLS3 Dual Pocket Running Belt + Giveaway!

Usually when we’re out on long runs there is always some extra gear that needs to be carried along- phone, fuel, ID, keys etc. The question is how to carry everything with while not feeling like a pack mule at the same time. We’ve both tried several belts in the past and while they’ve worked for us there’s usually something we’d like to change about them be it pocket size or fit.

We were recently sent a Dual Pocket Run Belt from SLS3 to give a try. So far, we’re pretty impressed! We haven’t had the opportunity to use it at a race yet but here’s what we love so far:

-There are two pockets on this belt making it easy to organize your stuff. Things like your phone, ID, and cash can go in one pocket while the other pocket can be used for the things you’ll actually need during your run or race like fuel or chapstick. This way you don’t risk losing important items while pulling out fuel during a run.


-Though they look small, the pockets are really good sized! My main issue with the belt I was using previously was that after upgrading to an iPhone 6 from the iPhone 5 my phone would no longer fit leaving me nowhere to carry it. Travis’ Samsung Galaxy S6 fits as well while still leaving plenty of room for other items.

-The pockets are polyurethane lined meaning you don’t have to worry about your items getting damaged from sweat or rain. Not only are the pockets water resistant but the zipper is as well so there won’t be any moisture coming in through the zipper.

 -The elastic on the back of this belt measures 1.5 inches and is adjustable to fit waists/hips 24″ to 38″

-It stays put! I like to wear it on my hips rather than my waist and I haven’t noticed any bouncing or wiggling so far. I do like to rotate it a bit so that my phone sits more on the side of my hip and the second pocket is in the front center rather than both pockets in the front but that’s personal preference. The fit is comfortable- it’s tight enough to where it stays put but doesn’t feel too tight. There’s nothing more irritating when you’re running than having to constantly adjust where a belt is sitting so I was really pleased that this one doesn’t budge.

 -My belt is all black but it also comes in other colors: blue, purple and lime green

SLS3 has offered our readers a chance to win one of the Dual Pocket Run Belts! Click on the Rafflecopter link to enter!

If you don’t want to wait for the giveaway to end, you can also check out SLS3 on Amazon! For a limited time the belt is on sale of $12.90 (57%off of the retail price of $29.90)

What items do you have to carry with you on a run?

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