Weekly Wrap #12: 2/15 – 2/21

Happy Monday to our reader’s. I hope you enjoyed your weekends and were able to spend some time with loved ones. It has been an interesting week around our house, so I’ll dive on in.

It was mid-winter break here in the north country for children in school, so Parker was home all week. It was nice to have everyone home for a few days for us to spend some quality time together. By Wednesday, Parker was missing his school friends and mommy was missing her sanity. Luckily, Mommy celebrated National Wine Day last week.

Mommy also spend the week dealing with the customer service representatives from Proform (Icon Fitness). Our week involved calls to customer service nearly everyday, which culminated with THEM saying it was probably just better to exchange our treadmill at the rate we were going. The down and dirty is this – our motor was bad, which was replaced when the technician came last week. The bad motor fried the controller board, which was also replaced. Then, once we “thought” everything was working, we tried to use the machine and the speed felt terribly slow. We tried to use the treadmill anyways and during a run, the electronic screen rebooted itself while their was still power and speed running to the track. Once it rebooted itself, it then shut down the track (which was still running) while we were still on it. Additionally, our built-in fan also became inoperable and would not function above the lowest level. The company now thinks that the electronic console is bad and needs to be replaced.

They offered us the replacement part and a technician, but then informed us the part was on back order for a few months. We were very unsatisfied with the customer service we received, the way we were spoken to and the fact that our brand new machine needed to be replaced. We wound up writing a fairly scathing letter to the company outlining the trouble, lies told to us, lack of professionalism, lack of customer service, etc. For our “troubles” we received a subscription to iFit and an additional year of warranty on our newest machine arriving sometime before Easter. Unfortunately, I now have to disassemble our old machine and box it up for a pickup on Wednesday, while we wait a few additional weeks to have our new one delivered.

In addition to our treadmill woes, our area was hit by a big ice storm on Tuesday / Wednesday. Surprisingly we did not lose power, but everything was covered in ice for a few days. We’re dealing with rather cold temps again early this week and impatiently waiting for spring!


In exciting news from the week, we’ve got a walker! Peyton started walking Wednesday night! I love the zombie walk that they have when they first start out. So cute! She’ll be chasing her brother around in no time.

Here’s our workouts from this week:

Travis: I had to do some shuffling of the schedule this week due to the treadmill issues, ice storm, etc. I didn’t miss any runs, but I was a little short on one one, as I just didn’t have the time at work to complete it. My long run mileage is increasing to 14 next week and unless the weather improves substantially, I’ll be doing it on the hamster wheel again.

Monday: 7 miles @ 8:14 pace

Tuesday:  Unplanned Rest Day

Wednesday: 8 miles — 2 mi. warm up, 4 x 4:00 min. hard pace, 3 min. easy (6:15),  mile cool down

Thursday: 7 miles — 2 mi. warm up, 4 miles @ marathon pace (7:15), 1 mile cool down

Friday: 6 miles @ 8:36 pace

Saturday: 13.10 miles @  7:30 pace

Sunday: 5 miles @ 8:52 pace

Weekly total: 46.10 Miles


Jen: It was a bit of a step back week for me and I ended up with an additional rest day thrown in because of the ice storm. The university that my gym is at shut down for the day so nothing was open, not that I would have been able to get there anyways! We’re just six weeks out from Syracuse now so the rest of my weeks will be building until taper time!

Monday: 2 miles + strength training

Tuesday: Off

Wednesday: 1 mile warm up, 3 mile tempo, 1 mile cool down

Thursday: 4 miles

Friday: Off

Saturday: 4 miles

Sunday: 7 miles fast finish

Weekly total:  22 miles



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  1. That is horrible about your treadmill. At least you will get a new one, but Easter? Geez. I hope they won’t fix your old one and sell it as NEW. How sweet your little one is walking! I think my granddaughter is very close. She’s just so big, it make take longer. HA. You both got in great mileage considering your TM and ice woes. Thanks for linking with us!


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