2016 Buffalo Marathon, Training Update

Good morning and welcome! A few weeks back I shared with you that my goal race for the year is the Buffalo Marathon on May 29th. I began my fifth week of training on Monday and I thought I would share how the first month of training went.wp-1456328007629.jpg


The first month of training had me build up my base and increase the number of days a week I spent training from four days a week to six days. Although the number of miles run was not over the top, I was pretty sore and suffered from shin splints the first two weeks. I thought this was due to ramping up my mileage to quickly, however I did a comparison of my weekly mileage before I began and I barely increased by 10%. I then purchased two new pairs of running shoes and the shin splits subsided very quickly after that. Over the last 2 years, I have figured out that I burn through the life of my running shoes very quickly and need to replace them more often than most people.

Buffalo Weeks 1-4

I’m six weeks out from the Syracuse Half Marathon on April 3 and over the next six weeks, my training really ramps up and quickly. I increase from my 13-mile long run this past weekend to 19-miles the week before my race, with six days requiring two runs and a whole bunch of speed work thrown in there as well. It has been difficult to get in all the runs with all the ice storms and treadmill issues that we have been having lately, but so far I’m managing.

Here are the totals from the first month of training:

  1. Total Activities: 24
  2. Total Distance: 158.22 miles
  3. Total Time: 21:32:54 (h:m:s)
  4. Calories Burned: 14,574

As for my shoes, well here is a quick glimpse at the ‘circle of life’ for my running shoes! Have a great week everyone and thanks for stopping by.


6 thoughts on “2016 Buffalo Marathon, Training Update

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  1. Love your running shoe circle of life:)
    Great job on your training! I’ve not run the Buffalo Marathon, but I have met several people through the years who have told me nothing but great things about this race. I suspect you’re in for a great time!!!!
    Good luck with the rest of the training, May will be here before you know it:)


  2. I definitely hear you on the running shoe replacement – as soon as I feel those shin splints it’s time for a new pair! I get about 300 miles on my shoes before it’s time to let them go.


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