Weekly Wrap #14: 2/29 – 3/6

Sorry for our absence the last few days. Life just got the best of us and we haven’t had much time. We had a pretty good week! For the first time in a while Parker made it a whole week at school with no snow days! We wrapped up our first fundraiser for Team Up! and are continuing to work on several others including our Piece By Piece 5k. We’re starting to see registrations roll in and are really excited to see what this years race will bring.

The other night Travis posted on his Facebook that he was considering doing something along the lines of shaving his head if friends we’re willing to donate to Team Up! A good friend of ours replied that a basic shaved head wasn’t going to be enough and would like to see something more like the photo below. A second friend said that if Travis would do it for the Chicago Marathon that he would match the donation. I’m dying to see how this transpires! What do you think, should he do it?haircut

I posted this on our Instagram earlier this week, but Peyton is into everything right now. It’s fun to watch her explore and learn but at the same time it’s exhausting! Her favorites right now are laundry baskets and the tupperware drawer. I walked away for barely a minute and she had bypassed a child lock and emptied out an entire cabinet. I had to laugh at the look she gave me when I caught her.img_1221

On Friday night the kids and I had a movie night . Parker was really excited to watch the Good Dinosaur since we had missed it when it was in theaters. It was really cute! I love the adult humor that Disney throws into the movies.img_1237

On Sunday we got out of town for a little bit. We wanted to do a little bit of shopping and have to drive an hour and a half to get to a town that has any kind of mall. I picked up some new spring running gear and we got some stuff for Easter for the kids. We also bought some Girl Scout Cookies as well. We’d been doing so well resisting! Now to just make them last longer than a day. Here is what our workouts looked like this week:

Travis: It was a very busy week for me as I had two days with two-a-day runs. I haven’t been overly satisfied with my pace times thus far this training cycle and I am going to be focusing on lower those times in the coming weeks. I would like to see more slower runs around 8:00 min/mile pace. I have big goals for the Buffalo Marathon and in order to achieve those goals, I have to get faster. My long run stepped back this week but shoots right back up to 16 miles this weekend. It will be another busy week for me, but my first race is only 26 days away now. On a side note – I should be receiving my Team SLS3 racing gear VERY soon and I am super excited.

Monday: 8 mi. @ 8:32 pace

Tuesday: 2 mi. warm-up, 6 x 800’s w/1:30 rest, 2 mi. cool down (a.m.)

4 mi. @ 8:29 pace (p.m.)

Wednesday: 6 mi. @ 7:51 pace

Thursday: 8 mi. @ 8:25 pace (a.m.)

8 mi. @ 8:22 pace (p.m.)

Friday: Rest Day

Saturday: 10 mi. @ 7:50 pace

Sunday: Unscheduled Rest Day

Total Weekly Mileage: 47.00


Jen: I’ve been dealing with some dead legs this week. It started on Wednesday and carried right through until Sunday’s long run. I’ve been spending a lot of time with the foam roller and the stick in hopes of loosening up whatever is going on. I definitely don’t think it’s an injury but is definitely something that has required a little more attention. February was the first time I’ve ever hit 100 miles in a month, and in the middle of my run on Sunday I bypassed 200 miles for the year.img_1257

Monday: 3 miles

Tuesday: 2 miles- this was scheduled as 3 or 4 miles but I forgot about a meeting I had scheduled for Parker and had to cut it short. Oops!

Wednesday: 6 miles- 1 mile warm up, 3 miles tempo, 2 miles cool down

Thursday: 5 game volleyball match (we lost) and 3.5 miles

Friday: Off

Saturday: 3 miles

Sunday: 10 miles

Total Weekly Mileage: 27.50

Good luck to everyone entered into the NYC Marathon lottery drawing today!



2 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap #14: 2/29 – 3/6

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  1. Ha I remember when my daughter was into everything, I could not take my eyes off her even for a second. I do not envy you young parents now and trying to balance staying active with everything else. Great job you two on this week! As always thank you for choosing to link up!


  2. I miss my kids being that age sometimes, although 8 and 9 is pretty awesome. I think I would have more kids if they weren’t so expensive! Cute kids!


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