Weekly Wrap #16: 3/14 – 3/20

So, they say better late than never, our apologies for not getting this posted sooner. It was a horrible ill fated week around here. All four of us had the flu – Jen, Parker and I were all lucky enough to have it at the same time! Yay!! 

It is hard enough to take care of yourself when sick, let alone two small kids. It was rough.  

Sunday night before we all got sick Travis and I had an at home date night (our sitter wasn’t available so we improvised) that consisted of delicious local wine and catching up on our overly full DVR. Bones was the show for the night

  The medal design for the Syracuse half was released the other day. We love it! The company that designs all of the medals and merchandise does such a great job every year! 


Travis: It was a rough week when it came to workouts. The flu was not my friend. On a bright note I received my Team SLS gear on Tuesday. 

 Monday: 8 mi. @ 8:17 pace (a.m.)

4 mi. @ 8:30 pace (p.m.)

Tuesday: 2 mi WU, 5 x 1 mile w/ 2 min rest, 2 mi CD

Wednesday: Flu!

Thursday: Flu!

Friday: Rest Day

Saturday: 18 mi. @ 8:10 pace

Sunday: 6 mi. recovery @ 9:29 pace

Total Weekly Mileage: 45.00 Miles


Jen: Just like that, it’s taper time! I finished up my final long run for this cycle on Sunday. Now it’s just time to work out final goals and race day strategy! The flu came at not the most ideal time (is it ever an ideal time?) but I’m finally feeling back to 100% after nearly a week.

Monday: 2 miles shakeout

Tuesday: off

Wednesday: off

Thursday: off

Friday: Off

Saturday: 3 miles

Sunday: 12 miles

Total Weekly Mileage: 17 miles

We’re linking up with Holly and Tricia for the Weekly Wrap



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