2016 Buffalo Marathon, Training Update #3

The third month of training for the 2016 Buffalo Marathon wrapped up last weekend and it’s now time to reflect on the last four weeks and take a look ahead to the final six weeks.


These last four weeks I have been plagued by irritating and persistent little devils – blisters. It’s been such an issue that I’ve had to examine what could be causing these so regularly and how to fix it. After many hours of research into the different types of blisters (seriously gross), my running form, the condition of my socks and shoes and other possible causes, I concluded through my very limited medical knowledge that I am experiencing “Edge Blisters”.

I discovered that many times these “Edge Blisters” are not caused by something I am doing, such as a change in my running form, but rather by an irritating factor in my shoes. After a careful look, I think the problem has been due to my shoes insoles rough edges. Whether a manufacturing problem or a wear-and-tear issue, I have hopefully solved the problem for $.50 worth of masking tape. I will update you if this will ultimately work out. If not, I might be buying another pair of shoes.

You will notice that I’m still missing an average of one run per week. All of these were skipped due to the aforementioned blisters. While the plan I’m using is geared to those pushing for Boston Qualifying times, I’m thinking that for my fall training cycle I’m going to adjust the plan to 5 days a week with 2 rest/strength training days.


Here are the totals from my third month of training:

  1. Total Activities: 23
  2. Total Distance: 217.33 miles
  3. Total Time: 28:39:20 (h:m:s)
  4. Calories Burned: 22,403.

Overall, here is where I stand for this training cycle:

  1. Total Activities: 72
  2. Total Distance: 567.72 miles
  3. Total Time: 76:10:49 (h:m:s)
  4. Calories Burned: 55,499

Looking ahead to the final six weeks, I’m supposed to have my longest run of the training cycle, 22 miles, this upcoming Saturday. While I feel I’m ready for the distance, I don’t know how my feet will hold up and if I will make it all the way through the run. Despite the upcoming long runs, my training is actually starting to decrease in weekly mileage. Lately I’ve had many 10, 12, 13 and 14 mile runs which now will fade into the background as 6, 8, and 10 miles as well as speed work takes its place.

I hope your training is going well, that you’re enjoying spring and I look forward to sharing the final results of my hard work soon.

Have blisters ever been problematic for you?

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