Weekly Wrap #23: 5/2 – 5/8

Good morning! Happy (belated) Mother’s Day to all of the mom’s out there! We’re all settled back in at home and already missing the sunshine! Parker has asked at least 100 times to go back to Mickey’s house. He loved everything about our trip to the Magic Kingdom. He says his favorite ride was the boats (Peter Pan). We were incredibly impressed at how well the day went. We were able to do quite a few rides and caught the afternoon parade. Each night we were able to catch the Wishes fireworks show from our balcony, which was awesome! The highlight of my trip, however, was getting a photo op with Ariel (yes, I’m five). The little mermaid is my ALL-TIME favorite Disney movie so it was fun to share that with the kids. Parker was a little smitten and turned on the charms while he was talking to her. So cute!


We’ve been busy plugging away trying to get the house back in order (seriously, unpacking is the worst.) and gearing up for another busy couple of weeks. We’ve got a ton of meetings coming up to prepare for the next school year for Parker and our race (both Buffalo and our Piece By Piece 5K) are only a few short weeks away, and there is a lot to be done!

Here are our workouts from this week:


While we were in Florida last week Jen purchased the new Garmin Vivoactive HR for me as an early birthday present since I’m such a tech junkie. I had been stalking the watch online for the better part of a month and was excited when Jen found a local store had just received their initial supply. I’ve been using it for a week and I’m loving it so far. I have done a few short video reviews on the new Garmin Vivoactive watch and would encourage you to check them out. This is my first time doing video reviews of products and I hope to keep it going and of course, get better the more I do it. Additionally, I really enjoyed the Florida weather and was sad when I had to put on multiple layers of clothing for my 20-miler on Sunday back in New York.

Monday: 4 miles @ 8:33 pace

Tuesday: 10 miles @ 7:59 pace

Wednesday: 7 miles @ 8:34 pace

Thursday: 8 miles @ 8:21 pace

Friday: Travel Day

Saturday: Rest Day

Sunday: Ready to Race 20-Miler @ 7:43 pace

Slowest Mile – Mile 1 @ 8:09.4

Fastest mile – Mile 13 @ 7:22.7

Weekly Total: 49.00 Miles

Jen: I had a pretty decent week of runs while we were in Florida. My schedule was flexible so I was able to modify and shift runs as needed. Towards the end the desire to wake up early to beat the heat was lacking though. An added bonus to vacation was that I was able to meet and hang out with my coach Denny for a little bit. He was at Disney the day we got in and was able to swing by our resort to say hi.

Now it’s back to a normal routine! We’ve got three weeks until Buffalo! I’m bummed that vacation is over but we’ve still got a lot going on in the next month to look forward to! We’re planning on running a local 5k next weekend and I’m pretty excited to see where my time is at. I haven’t raced a 5k since shortly after I had Peyton so there should be quite a bit of time improvement!

Monday: 6 miles

Tuesday: 3 miles

Wednesday: 3.5 miles

Thursday: 1.2 miles

Friday: Off

Saturday: 3 miles

Sunday: 7.2 miles. Not a great run. I’m having some issues with shooting pain in my right calf. I had first noticed it on Thursday but chalked it up to my legs just being beat from all of the extra activity in Florida but it was much worse today. I initially had planned on doing 10 miles but scrapped it. Fingers crossed that it’s just a pulled muscle and the pain is gone soon!

Total weekly mileage: 23.9 miles

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2 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap #23: 5/2 – 5/8

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  1. I love WDW! I never get tired of it. The running trails they have on some of their properties are fantastic too. Great pace on the 20 miler Travis! Jen I hope that calf pain goes away quickly. I bet you’ll have a great finish time at that 5k. Good luck to both of you. Thanks for linking with us.


  2. Oh wow sounds like a great family trip to Disney! How cool you got a Vivoactive watch! I hope it’s much better than the Moto 360 Sport I had. I replaced it with the Garmin 235 and so far am liking it. Sounds like it will busy for you guys and getting back home and unpacking is the worse!


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