2016 Buffalo Marathon, Training Update #4

Well everyone, I have completed over 16 weeks of training for the Buffalo Marathon and I’m into my taper now. I am happy to report that I am now blister free and my feet are back to their normal state of messed-up disrepair.


Although my mileage was decreased this month, I am happy with how my training went and where my times have been at. I’m still not as confident heading into the race as I would like to be, but I feel better than I did after 12 weeks with all the blister issues. At the end of week 15, I ran the affectionately titled “Ready to Run 20-Miler” which was my final real long run and official start to my taper. With a 7:43 min/mile training pace, I’m right where I need to be to try and hit my goal time of 3:15:00. For a comparison of my training during my last two marathon training plans, I have gathered the data for my last two 20-mile runs for Chicago (2015) and this year’s Buffalo race. I list a 20 mile run early in my training and my final “Ready to Run” for each race.

20 mile comparisons

Here are the totals from my fourth month of training:

  1. Total Activities: 22
  2. Total Distance: 189.35 miles
  3. Total Time: 25:49:04 (h:m:s)
  4. Calories Burned: 19,904

Overall, here is where I stand for this training cycle:

  1. Total Activities: 94
  2. Total Distance: 757.36 miles
  3. Total Time: 102:10:59 (h:m:s)
  4. Calories Burned: 75,403

It’s time to discuss my goals heading into race day. Here’s what I’m thinking:

“A” Goal: Sub 3:15:00

“B” Goal: New PR – Currently 3:17:34

“C” Goal: Sub 3:25:00


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