Weekly Wrap #28: 5/30-6/5

I’ll start off by saying Happy Birthday to Travis (Sunday)!

This weeks wrap is a little different. We’ve both been recovering from Buffalo so there’s not been much running happening around here. That sure doesn’t mean that it’s been all rest though. In fact, it’s kind of been the opposite.

We got back from our weekend in Buffalo late Sunday night and got right to work Monday morning. It was race week again, but this week we wouldn’t be doing the running. Our 2nd annual Piece By Piece 5K was held on Saturday! While we have been working on the planning for months, the major work all had to be done this week. Thankfully we had family in town to help out both with the kids and race projects- it was extremely helpful! The kids were beyond excited to have Grandma here for the week.

We’re going to do a full write up once we get photos back from the photographer, but I will say that the event was once again a success! We put a LOT of work into the planning and want to make it worth our participants time so there’s a lot of nerves leading up to the event. After all is said and done we will be making a donation of $2,175 to Team Up with Autism Speaks! Based on the feedback we’ve gotten, we’ll be back for a third year in 2017!

With all the craziness of this week we are still working on our Buffalo Marathon weekend recap, but it should finally be posted this week.   Lastly, today is an exciting day – Day 1 of Chicago Marathon training. Travis is taking one more week off for recovery, but I start today in preparation for my first marathon. I will be reliving the ups and downs through a written series – Jen’s Journey to 26.2. Stay tuned as it should be a busy summer of running as we train for Chicago and complete our Run the Year 2016 team challenge.

Thank you for stopping by!

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